Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle — location of each druid sanctuary


To unlock the Green Seeker achievement in Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle, adventurers must find and pray at five druid sanctuaries located throughout the region. The first temple can be found north of Jeri Bay on the western side of the map. To get to this attraction, quickly get to the Stonelor Grove Road Sanctuary. Then go to the easternmost road in Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle near the coastline and go north. Continue past Jheury’s Cove until you reach a small unnamed trail facing west and surrounded by a few trees. Follow the path to the end to find the first druid temple.

The second Druid Sanctuary on High Island can be found at a fork in the roads northwest of Albatross Jump and directly south of Stonelor Forge and Craft. Approach the fork from the northeast trail to meet several oddly placed stone-brick walls. In this area, players will find three candle-lit pyramids of stones, one of which is a druid sanctuary.

To find the third druid sanctuary, quickly get to the Unshakable Manor Road sanctuary in Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle and go to the three-way intersection next to the cauldron of I’fre. Go a little north of the intersection to the clearing to find the shrine next to the dolmen guarded by two enemies. Defeat Eldertide Vinecaller and Rockseer to pray in the sanctuary and continue the progress of achievement for “Seeker of the Green”.

All five Druid Sanctuaries in ESO: High Isle

Like the second and third, the fourth druid sanctuary is also located near the crossroads on the main trails. This shrine can be found south of the Dufort shipyards, northeast of the volcanic vent. In this area, players can find several spherical stone houses. Explore this residential area until you come across part of a short wooden fence. The Druid sanctuary in Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle will be located behind this fence next to a wooden basket.

The fifth and final druid sanctuary is located on Amenos, a small separate island in the northeastern part of the High Island. This sanctuary can be found directly south of the exiled refuge and east of the secret foundry. After reaching the dolmen along the forest path, look around in search of a large circular structure made of stone and brick. Then explore the area behind this collapsed tower by walking along the mossy wall next to the ruins to find the Druid Sanctuary, located in a hidden place surrounded by candles and baskets. After praying in this sanctuary, players will receive a notification that they have completed the “Green Seeker” achievement in ESO.