Elder Scrolls Online: High Island — All Skyshard locations in the Spire of the Crimson Coin


The sixth season of Elder Scrolls Online, High Isle, provides players with several new locations and new opportunities to search for heavenly fragments. High Isle is a new place in Tamriel, which is more like a place of rest for representatives of the high society Elder Scrolls Online. In addition, the new chapter is more of a political storyline than a typical plot about the end of the world, which other Elder Scrolls Online expansions entailed.

One of these new places is the Spire of the Crimson Coin. This place is known as a public dungeon with more difficult bosses than other places, but also contains a hidden heavenly shard. The celestial fragments in Elder Scrolls Online are hidden, but it’s not difficult to find them, because they emit a white ray glowing into the sky.

The High Isle chapter contains a total of 18 heavenly shards. However, the Scarlet Coin Spire contains only one of the 18. Therefore, although it may not be difficult to find it, this area is quite dangerous, and getting to the Heavenly Shard will be difficult.

Every Skyshard Location in Spire Of The Crimson Coin in ESO: High Isle

Upon entering the “Crimson Coin Spire” location, players must move to the far eastern part of the area. A little to the southeast of Prison Warrens there is a hedge maze. Players should take extra care in this area, as there are many enemies throughout the public dungeon.

The Sky shard in the Crimson Coin’s Spire is located in the maze next to the Crimson Disciple’s boss, which is located in the far eastern part of the area. Although there is no need to engage the boss of Elder Scrolls Online, it is necessary to navigate through the maze until his battle arena is found. This is the only way to the fountain where the heavenly fragment is hidden.

Along the way through the maze, players will occasionally encounter coagulant creatures, animated armor, and blood magic ritualists. Therefore, it is important to carry a lot of healing items into the maze, such as potions and food. Players can also sneak around them unnoticed and patiently.

Once the heavenly fragment is found, the player will be able to get out of the maze along the same path he entered. Once again, healing items, stealth, and patience are crucial to both entering and exiting this area. However, collecting the Heavenly Shard should be worth the hassle of reaching this place.