Elden Ring’s production was delayed, according to rumors


Elden Ring is one of the most hyped games of the past few years, although the silence of developer FromSoftware has been making its fans uneasy for a long time. According to the Videogameschronicle website, the biggest culprit for this is the coronavirus pandemic, which ended up affecting the studio a lot.

After the game was revealed in June 2019, we didn’t receive any trailers or new official information about the project, so all we had was a teaser trailer and the promise of a collaboration with George RR Martin, the author of the Chronicles of Ice and Fire .

According to VGC sources, Japanese developers were unable to adapt very well in the transition to remote work, and the home office ended up delaying plans even further. After several internal postponements, the game is unlikely to even come out in 2021.

Even today (01) we had some reports of leaks with images and videos in low quality showing a possible version of the game, so rumors about the reveal of an official trailer soon began to circulate.

But as an official positioning by the producer Bandai Namco and the developer FromSoftware has not yet been released, it is better to face all the above information with a healthy dose of skepticism.

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