Elden Ring, Will We Be Able To Play It On Steam Deck? Check Its Operation


Elden Ring: FromSoftware’s title is already available worldwide for PlayStation, Xbox and PC consoles, but will it be compatible with the Steam Deck? Elden Ring is out now worldwide for Xbox One, PS4, Xbox Series, PS5, and PC. Not in vain, FromSoftware fans who have reserved a Steam Deck or are planning to get one in the future will wonder if it will be possible to play it on Valve’s new portable device. The answer is yes.

Elden Ring Receives Verified Stamp on Steam Deck

Yes, Elden Ring will be compatible with the Steam Deck. In fact, it will not only be “Compatible”, one of the four compatibility categories, but it will be “Verified”. This means that the game is “fully functional”, without the player having to configure anything. According to user Wario64 on Twitter, these are the results of the official Elden Ring compatibility test on Steam Deck.

All features are accessible when using the default command configuration.
The game will display Steam Deck icons; has been adapted for the device.
The interface is legible on the Steam Deck’s seven-inch screen.
The Steam Deck graphical settings render well on the Steam Deck.

Although data regarding the rate of images per second or how ambitious the game’s performance will be at the graphic level have not come out, it is to be hoped that this “Verified” seal will meet the expectations of those who wish to immerse themselves in the Middle Lands in a portable device.

The latest from FromSoftware has become one of the best-rated video games of all time and, what’s better, a work that points to the select group of titles that we will remember for years to come for their influence and idiosyncrasy. A masterpiece, as we have concluded in our analysis.

Elden Ring is now available worldwide for PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series, PS5 and PC consoles.