Elden Ring Will Be 30 Hours Long And Have An Integrated Map


Elden Ring: After much waiting, last Thursday (10) From Software released a gameplay trailer and gave the release date for Elden Ring. After taking the angst out of fans, the company began revealing more details about the title, including that it will be about 30 hours long and have an integrated map.

The revelations were made by the game’s director, Hidetaka Miyazaki, in interviews with IGN and Famitsu. For the North American website, he explained that the game’s setting is called “The Lands Between”.

Miyazaki explained that the name was invented by George R.R. Martin when he was writing the game’s history and myths. According to him, the producers want players to feel an “impulse” to unravel the mysteries of this universe.

The director revealed that, as expected, Elden Ring will be bigger than other Soulsborne and the gigantic scale of the trailer will be reflected in the sets. The game mixes the concepts of Demon’s Souls (separate worlds) and Dark Souls/Bloodborne (map where the areas meet).

Altogether, there will be 6 large areas connected by a hub and that work with different dungeons, having their own exploration particularities. The places can be explored without a specific order and among the scenarios are catacombs, castles and fortresses, each commanded by a kind of demigod.

Elden Ring

“We wanted to give a level of progression and exploration through the Lands Between, so there are a lot of different ways (to explore). You won’t be able to access everything from the beginning, but there are many different ways to approach each area. And there’s a lot of freedom as to the order in which you deal with different areas as well.”


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