Elden Ring: Who is the mysterious daughter of the warrior Lord Godfrey


Godfrey, the first Lord of the Elden, played a crucial role in the war to destroy the Elden Ring, but what is also interesting is that he has a mysterious warrior daughter who is not a demigod. Before becoming Lord Godfrey, he was known as Hoara Lux, which opens up another part of his life that is little discussed in the game. However, some remnants of his past are present in various forms in the Intermediate Lands.

[Attention: this article contains spoilers for the Elden Ring.]

In addition to his daughter, Godfrey has three demigod sons: Godwin, Morgott and Mog. The reason they are demigods is because their mother is Queen Marika the Eternal. By the time events unfold in Elden Ring, Godwin the Golden is already dead, so players cannot meet him; however, Morgott, the King of Omens, and Mog, the Lord of Blood, are two bosses that players can fight at some point in their development. There is no indication of their age due to the lack of information about how long ago the Split occurred in the Elden Ring, but it can be concluded that Godfrey’s daughter is older than all three of them.

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The mysterious daughter of the warrior Lord Godfrey is Nefeli Lux. However, as her surname suggests, she was a part of his life when he took his former name Hoara Lux, leader of the Badlands Warriors. The first meeting with Nefeli in the Elden Ring takes place at Stormvale Castle, where she and the tarnished protagonist went to defeat Godric the Grafted.

Godfrey had children before he became the first Lord of the Elden

Nefeli’s surname, Lux, indicates the obvious fact that she is the blood of Hoar (Godfrey). Not only that, but her appearance matches that of a Badlands Warrior, which shows that she has tarnished from beyond the Interregnum. Before fighting Radagon and the Ancient Beast inside the Airdtree, players must defeat Hoar Lu of the Elden Ring and his lion regent, dressed in traditional military armor similar to Nephele. Interestingly, Nefeli claims that her stepfather is Sir Gideon Ofnir, the leader of the Fortress of the Round Table. It is unclear how he is her stepfather, because the game never states that he married Nefeli’s mother, so it is more likely that he is acting as a foster father or guardian.

No matter how many fathers Nefeli has, it remains a complete mystery who her mother is. Since she hails from the Badlands, she’s probably the woman Hoare had a relationship with when he was their leader. Before assuming the role of the first Elden Lord as Queen Marika’s husband, Godfrey was powerful, but did not possess godlike abilities, so Nefeli is not a demigod-she does not have Marika’s blood in her. Most of these puzzles could have been solved if Elden Ring had a book of knowledge, but FromSoftware didn’t want that to be the case, so this mystery may still be buried deep somewhere in the Intervening Lands.