Elden Ring Voted For The Game That Most People Completed and Quit This Year


In short: which, in your opinion, was the most completed game of 2022? Given its legendary complexity, it may come as a surprise to learn that Elden Ring has been awarded this honor. Paradoxically, however, the name FromSoftware was also a game that players most likely left before reaching the end.

The information came from the website howlongtobeat.com , a community-run website specializing in game duration and other statistics.

As for the games released in 2022, Elden Ring ranks first in the category of the most completed games: almost 6,000 users reported that they surpassed soulslike. Elden Ring has won several “Game of the Year” awards (including the one in which the scene invader attracted everyone’s attention) and millions of copies have been sold, but it’s still a little surprising to see a complex open-world role-playing game that can take more than 100 hours to complete. holding the first place.

However, Elden Ring is also the most outdated game of the year, which means that users have stopped playing it either temporarily or permanently before it ends. And although only 267 users of the site admitted that they find the game too big, this is still more than twice the number of retired Tunic players who took second place.

Elden Ring is the number one game of 2022 and in several other categories: the most unfinished, the longest game and the longest game. It also ranks second in rating, second only to The Last of Us Part 1, and second in popularity after God of War: Ragnarok. Moreover, despite the fact that Elden Ring was released back in February, now it is still the third most popular game.

One of the most predictable numbers is in the category of the worst games of 2022: Diablo Immortal. Blizzard’s mobile and PC game has the lowest score in the history of Metacritic, mainly due to the aggressive microtransaction model. However, the developer hardly cares, considering that in the first month alone he earned almost $ 50 million.

If you are afraid to pay full price for a game that you might not like because of the high difficulty, Elden Ring is still being sold at a discount for the first time as part of the Steam Winter sale, where it is available for $42 until January 3 at 9.00 am Pacific Time / 12:00 Eastern European time.


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