Elden Ring: Torch Can Be Great To Keep Frantic Dogs Away From The Game


Elden Ring: Those who are enjoying the journey through the Midlands in the Elden Ring are probably tired of dealing with the pestilent dogs that seem to come from every corner. Fortunately, Reddit user Beatsy Ray has discovered a surprisingly simple way to deal with canine enemies: using the Beast Repulsive Torch. Check out the video below:

Sick of dealing with dogs? from Eldenring

The item can be purchased for 1,200 runes from the Secluded Trader on the Weeping Peninsula, and according to its description it was “used to keep unwanted beasts away from hidden treasures in caves” through an oil infused with a special incense that pacifies wild animals.

Fortunately, the torch also works great in open spaces against canid enemies of all sizes, as well as being a good way to deal with slugs and mice. However, it is worth mentioning that it does not work against birds and other creatures like the Runic Bear.

Still, it’s a great method to deal with some of the thousands of creatures determined to end your life in FromSoftware’s newest Soulslike.

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