Elden Ring Surpasses From Software’s Most-Played Former Game By Six Times


Elden Ring: We’ve all seen that Elden Ring is the most hyped game From Software has ever produced in its history. But no one would have been able to predict how far this hype would take the game on Steam – Elden Ring managed to reach a number of players almost six times greater than the developer’s former record holder, in less than 24 hours.

According to data from SteamDB, Elden Ring hit its player peak with 764,835 people enjoying the game on Valve’s platform. The highest number ever achieved by From Software before that was 129,975 with Dark Souls 3. This means that Elden Ring gained 5.9 times more players than From Software’s most played game at launch.

For reference, here’s the list of player peaks for From Software’s souls-like titles available on Steam:

Elden Ring: 764,835
Sekiro: 125,315
Dark Souls III: 129,975
Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin: 12,106
Dark Souls II: 79,528
Dark Souls Remastered: 24,501
Dark Souls: Prepare To Die Edition: 11,259

All the excitement awaiting the game was fueled by the glorious reviews that Elden Ring received, covering the title with rave reviews, which resulted in this number never seen before by From Software on Steam.

With so much success on PC, we look forward to the developer starting to take the platform more seriously and, who knows, better optimize the performance of its releases.