Elden Ring Suffers The Scourge Of Hackers: Data Loss, Infinite Deaths…


Elden Ring is fodder for hackers in the PC version. If one of them invades you in multiplayer you run the risk of losing your save data. Elden Ring is plagued by hackers. The PC version of the From Software title is beginning to be a nest of cheats that can directly affect your game. Users on social networks have already started sharing what happens when you run into one of them when using the multiplayer functions.

This is what it’s like to cross a hacker in Elden Ring

EldenRingUpdate, as the account that uploaded the video is called, warns the PC community of the risks of using online invasions. As we can see in the video, hackers can close the game and put you in a loop of deaths with no way out. They can even corrupt your save file.

If you are one of those affected, follow these steps to avoid it.

Close the game before you die
When the game loads, immediately press the following buttons:
Triangle (DualSense/Dualshock) / Y (Xbox)
X (DualSense/DualShock) / A (Xbox)
This will make you travel to the last grace in which you have rested. You must press the button combination very quickly if you don’t want to get stuck. Despite being able to fix it, the same account advises against playing Elden Ring multiplayer on PC until From Software releases the fix.

We remind you that in no case are the console versions affected since matchmaking is restricted to ecosystems, that is, PS4 with PS5 and Xbox One with Xbox Series X|S. What can happen is the theft of some weapons… if you’re not smart. As you can see in this link, a player enters in full exchange to take over the rival.

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