Elden Ring: Steam players Are Not Satisfied With The Game


Elden Ring is finally available to all players. However, unlike the media, the receptions for the game from the players are not so high due to some optimization problems – and this has been mentioned a lot in the reviews published on Steam.

On Valve’s platform, the title has just over 34,000 reviews, with more than 20,000 positive and 14,000 negative. In general, those who fall into the second group complain about points such as lack of optimization, crashes and some other elements.

“What PC version guys, how come there’s no one to test this before they release? Game with bizarre drops in every boss fight, regardless of your PC. I have a 5800x, 32GB RAM 3200mhz and a 3060ti Rog Strix, and if I don’t lock [FPS] to 30, my FPS drops from 60 to 32, it’s impossible to play like that”, says one of the negative reviews.