Elden Ring: See How To Disable Easy Anti-Cheat And Improve Performance


Elden Ring has barely debuted and is already wowing fans with its stunningly beautiful universe. However, those who are playing on PC may experience some performance issues related to Easy Anti-Cheat (EAC), a feature built into the game to prevent online cheating.

While the developer is working on an official solution to this situation, the Steam community has found a way to disable EAC for the moment, which is far better than having to keep disconnecting from the internet whenever you decide to enjoy this new masterpiece from the creators. from Dark Souls. Check it out below:

How to disable Easy Anti-Cheat in Elden Ring?

1 – Access the Steam library location where the game is installed.

2 – Go to steamapps > ELDEN RING > game.

3 – Rename start_protected_game.exe to another name. For example, you can put an _original at the end, or even as a backup.

4 – Then make a copy of elden_ring.exe.

5 – Next, you need to rename this copy to start_protected_game.exe.

And ready! Now, just run the title normally through Steam. Pretty simple, isn’t it?

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