Elden Ring PvP Invader Gets a Funny Surprise


Elden Ring has achieved incredible success since its launch in February and is rightfully considered the best game of the year. FromSoftware role-playing game is considered one of the most difficult video games ever created thanks to the nervous fights with more than 150 bosses. Many of them, such as Malenia — Blade of Miquella, Maliketh and Rennala, have created their own fan base around the world.

Many fans have gone through the game several times and killed strong bosses like Malenia hundreds of times. These fans often turn to the Elden Ring PvP mode in search of more difficult opponents. The PvP mode in Elden Ring allows players to invade other people’s worlds and kill them for incredible rewards.

Many times gamers have successfully invaded another world and managed to kill the owner. However, several invasions did not go according to plan, and the invader suffered a terrible fate. Reddit user Daddy_Gwyn crossed paths with one of these invaders, whose plans were thwarted. A user uploaded a minute-long video showing their encounter with the Bloody Finger invader in the Elden Ring. As soon as the player appears in the world of Daddy_Gwyn, he is met by the enemy Elden Ring, helping Redditor. Despite the fact that he is faced with two formidable rivals, the invader is fighting desperately and trying his best to even the odds.

You’ve invaded the wrong world, sir, from Eldenring.

The Bloody Finger initially dodges several attacks and even deals several blows to two opponents. However, the invader couldn’t compare to Daddy_Gwyn and their accomplice, who killed them in less than a minute. The last few seconds of the video show the original poster mocking the Bloody Finger, making a “Fire Spur” gesture. In the end, the post caused interesting comments from the Elden Ring community, who expressed their appreciation by gaining more than 2,500 votes. Basically, users applauded Daddy_Gwyn’s ingenuity in using NPCs to their advantage and were interested in repeating the feat.

The original poster later explained that they used an Enchantment Branch that helps control Elden Ring enemies to attack other enemies. Daddy_Gwyn also used Taunter’s Tongue, a multiplayer game item that allows for incursions without the presence of a rolled-up finger and reduces the time between invasions.

Many were also interested in Daddy_Gwyn’s armor in Elden Ring and the enemy who helped them. A user named Throck–Morton commented that the opponent in the video is a Prelate of Fire, one of the rarest in the Midlands, who wears a set of armor of a Prelate of Fire and a Crozier of a Prelate of Prelate. In addition to powerful melee attacks, the Fiery Prelate spews fire from a vessel on his head, causing serious damage.

Elden Ring is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.


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