Elden Ring: Preview Game Performance On Consoles And PC


Elden Ring: With the launch scheduled for tomorrow (25), Elden Ring is already gaining analysis on the technical details. Digital Foundry, a vehicle specializing in game performance studies, released today (24) the first impressions of From Software’s new project.

According to the analysts, the investigation took patch 1.02 into account and so it’s just a preview. On current-gen consoles, the game is similar to the network tests that were carried out at the end of last year.

The title runs in Performance and Resolution Mode. While the first is between 45 FPS and 60 FPS, the second is ranging between 30 and 60 FPS, both on Xbox Series X and PS5. The site points out that the frame rate is quite choppy and 60 FPS is rarely achieved, however.

“By comparison, the PS5 is typically operating at a higher frame rate than the Series X, although clearly neither is ideal,” Digital Foundry notes.

Despite staying at a lower average frame rate, the Series X can benefit from the VRR system on compatible televisions, which the Sony console cannot because it is not supported. VRR can minimize flickering and make the game run smoother.

Elden Ring on PC

Digital Foundry explains that in the case of PC, Elden Ring is a little more problematic in patch 1.02. Because of the use of DirectX 12, the title has stutterings.

“There are stutterings of up to 250 milliseconds in duration when new effects, enemies and areas appear on the screen. These types of stutterings diminish as the game experience continues and enemies, areas and effects are revisited by the player.