Elden Ring: Players Complete The Game With A Level 1 Character


Elden Ring: As a rule, the maxim to succeed in any RPG is to evolve your character a lot and get the best equipment to have some advantage in battles (or reduce the difficulty of facing certain opponents). However, it seems that some people now and then decide to let it go, as is currently happening in Elden Ring.

As you can see in the videos we present in this news, two players decided to advance throughout the game without gaining any level with their characters, further increasing the difficulty of the challenge due to the low defense and attack factors.

In the sequel, you can see the owner of the YouTube channel Ongbal defeating Starscourge (considered by many to be one of the toughest bosses in the game) with a remarkably defenseless warrior. Check out:

The player LobosJr is showing on his Twitch channel how the final battle of the game can appear if he continues with a character notably at a disadvantage — which required him many attempts to defeat the opponent in question (click here to check it out).

And you, have you seen any challenge in this game that caught your attention? Share with other readers in the space below for comments. By the way, you can take the opportunity to read the opinion of the Voxel team about FromSoftware’s new title by clicking on this link.