Elden Ring players argue Which of the bosses is the most Underrated


Elden Ring is known for its incredible complexity and a huge open world full of intimidating bosses, making it one of the most challenging games on the market. Gamers counted more than 150 optional and mandatory bosses that regularly complicate their lives. These include many famous ones, such as Malenia, the Great Virm Theodorix, Mogh, Margit, Radagon of the Golden Order and many others.

Moreover, most of these bosses are different from each other and have a unique set of techniques that can cause serious damage. Fans often use social media to discuss various enemies in the game. For example, recently Elden Ring fans were discussing which boss smells the worst.

Similarly, a few more Elden Ring fans are using Reddit to discuss who is the most underrated boss in The Lands Between. The discussion began with an image posted by a Reddit user under the heading “Which is the most underrated boss, in your opinion? Lichdragon Fortisax”. Unsurprisingly, the post attracted widespread attention from the Reddit community and received over 5,000 votes. Other users have named many famous names besides the original Lichdragon Fortissax mentioned in the original poster. The bosses named the most times were Dragonkin Soldier of Nokstella, Godrick the Grafted and Dragonlord Placidusax.

What do you think is the most underrated boss? I’ll go first, Lichdragon Fortisax. from Eldenring

Meanwhile, some Redditors also noted that the Lichdragon Fortissax is considered undervalued because many Elden Ring players have not crossed paths with it. At the same time, others claimed that Lichdragon Fortissax is a new skin, since it has quite a lot in common with other dragons. One Reddit user named BruceWayneGotham1939 replied to this: “How is he ruskin? He is literally one of the two ancient dragons and looks almost completely different from Lansax.” BruceWayneGotham1939 also claimed that the Lichdragon is closest to the Ancient Dragon Lansseax and has almost nothing in common with other common dragons in the Elden Ring.

The intermediate lands are full of many hard-to-defeat dragons, besides Lanssax, Fortisax and Placidusax. The Brilliant Stone Dragon Adula, the Flying Dragon Agil, the Magma Serpent Makar and the Brilliant Stone Dragon Smarag are other formidable and more famous dragons in the Elden Ring. Players often spend hours figuring out how to find effective weapons against these enemies.

Lichdragon Fortissax is arguably the most underrated dragon boss in the Elden Ring, as highlighted by Reddithazardswlf36 user. For those who don’t know, Fortisax is a massive four—winged dragon that lives in the Depths of Deep Roots and has powerful lightning attacks that cause great damage. Despite the fact that this is an optional boss, players need to kill the Lichdragon Fortissax in order to advance through the Fii quest line. Fortisax arranges a difficult battle and resets the Memory of the Lichdragon after defeat.

Elden Ring has already been released for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.


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