Elden Ring Player Shows How to Defeat a Magician with a Shield

In Elden Ring there are many difficult bosses that players will have to fight. Perhaps today it has some of the most difficult boss encounters in the Souls genre, although the developer FromSoftware has released several patches that make it easier for users to overcome them.
Many players criticized the Elden Ring endgame at launch, saying it was too complicated, especially for users using hand-to-hand combat. Since then, fans have come up with various clever tactics to defeat difficult bosses. Now one player shows how to defeat the annoying Elden Ring boss using only a shield.
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A Reddit user shared a clip of his battle with Mog, Omen, who can be found at the end of the Underground Escape Grounds in the Elden Ring. It shows how they defeat the Moga only with a shield, and the title of the post says that they do not recommend fighting the boss using this tactic. We are talking about a large Erdtri shield, which has a unique special ability. The user uses the Golden Retribution skill to deflect magical attacks back into the Mog, dealing 600-700 damage with each hit.
I don’t recommend fighting “Mohg, Omen” this way… from Eldenring.
It takes them some time to defeat the Moga, but the video proves that any tactic is viable in the Elden Ring, if used correctly. Fans interested in trying out this strategy can get a Large Erdtree Shield after killing a Tree Guardian duo in the Altus Plateau region. The Large Erdtree Shield is considered one of the best shields in the Elden Ring, as it also provides 100% protection against physical attacks.
Defeating this boss opens the way to the ending of Elden Ring Lord of the Frenzied Flame, but players need to solve a difficult jumping puzzle before they can inherit the flame. It should be noted that the user is fighting Mohg, an Omen, and not Mog, the Lord of Blood, who is usually considered much more difficult, perhaps due to his unique set of movements in the second phase.
The poster also shared a link to an uncut version of the fight, confirming that it lasts more than 5 minutes. They mention that they missed a lot of Golden Retribution, and want to try this tactic against Mog, the Lord of Blood. Many fans are surprised that his attacks can be repelled at all, while some others discuss the characteristics of the Golden Retaliation skill. This video serves as a great way to show the combat depth of the Elden Ring, and perhaps the user will share a similar video featuring Mog, the Lord of Blood, if they manage to defeat him.
Elden Ring is already available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.