Elden Ring Player Points Out Creepy Details About Envoy Crown


If players want to succeed in the Elden Ring, they need to make sure they have the right build. This means equipping the right armor for the job, with some parts of the armor offering buffs that complement certain play styles. Elden Ring players will collect a lot of gear during their travels through the Interstates, regardless of whether it fell out of enemies or was found in hidden places, and some of these items have a bizarre backstory.

It’s the same with the messenger’s crown in the Elden Ring. The Messenger’s crown is a helmet worn by the Oracle’s messengers, enemies who can mostly be found in Leindell, the Royal Capital, and the Haligtri of Michella. At first glance, the messengers’ crowns seem harmless enough, but the description of their subject hints at something more disturbing. As Reddit user Pirate-CoConut noted, the description of the Envoy Crown item says: “No one knows what the fabric hides, but some claim to have heard a faint whimper from inside. It must have been their imagination.”

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It’s unclear exactly what this is about, but Elden Ring fans have their own theories. One theory suggests that this is the whisper of one of the Outer Gods of the Elden Ring, talking to the Messengers of the Oracle. Another theory suggests that the Messenger’s Crown hides the head of an Albinaur, and the Oracle messengers themselves are supposedly Albinarians in the third generation, so it could be some other kind of deformity. For the uninitiated, the Albinaurs in the Elden Ring are frog—like humanoid creatures created by humans.

What is this? from Eldenring

There may still be a lot to reveal that could give Elden Ring players even more information about the Oracle Messengers and their possible connection to the Albinarians, but that remains to be seen. Maybe if FromSoftware moves forward with the long-known Elden Ring DLC expansion, fans will get more answers, but it’s possible that any DLC for the game won’t focus on any of this at all, so it’s better to keep your expectations under control.

In the meantime, if someone wants to get the messenger crown for themselves, they will need to get to Michella’s Haligtree. Go to the place of grace under the canopy of Haligtree and get to the branch with giant ants and the giant messenger of the oracle. Then, from the corpse found on the tree, you can get the crown of the messenger. It doesn’t seem to fall out of the Oracle Messengers who wear them, so this is apparently the only way to get the Messenger Crown in the game.

The Messenger Crown has several practical uses as it enhances bubble-based skills such as Bubble Shower, Oracular Bubble and Great Oracular Bubble. If players combine the Messenger’s Crown, the Messenger’s Long Horn and the Bubble Shower, they can greatly facilitate the fight against the Dragon Lord Placidusax.

Elden Ring has already been released for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.