Elden Ring Player demonstrates a “toxic” build for PvP


Elden Ring players use a lot of builds, and one of them shared a “Toxic” build created specifically for the PvP game mode. FromSoftware role-playing game provides gamers with sufficient autonomy to create the best Elden Ring build that matches their style of play. Some players use a power-based build that uses colossal weapons in the Elden Ring to deal a lot of damage, while others choose a mage-like character and focus on magic and ranged attacks.

As with most role-playing games, Elden Ring allows players to level up when they collect a certain amount of runes, the game currency. Players can spend these runes to level up one attribute at a time: strength, intelligence, intelligence, faith, arcane magic, strength, agility and endurance. Players should carefully choose the desired attribute they want to boost, depending on their character and style of play. After all, some gamers strategically level up their character to create a powerful Elden Ring build, like this Reddit user.

OnlyWaifu uploaded a minute-long video to Reddit showing their “Toxic” build in the Elden Ring. The video is funny and at the same time quite entertaining, heavy metal is playing in the background. The short clip starts with the user’s equipment screen and shows the weapon of their choice and additional items such as armor and other protective equipment. OnlyWaifu prefers to use a Cross-Naginata+3 weapon in each hand, a spear that scales with strength and agility. The video continues to show their most pumped attribute — energy at level 33.

They said my build is toxic… I don’t want to be toxic :/ Is it toxic? from Eldenring

The clip also shows OnlyWaifu’s favorite Ashes of War from Elden Ring, Seppuku, who deals massive blood loss damage. After that, the next part of the video shows multiple invasions, where they easily kill the main player with one or two shots. The last few seconds of the video show how the invader breaks another player’s rack and gives him a vanshot using this “toxic” Elden Ring assembly. In addition, there are also many famous memes in the video, such as Tobey Maguire dancing and J.K. Simmons laughing animation from the Spider-Man movie franchise. Most users praised the original poster for the impressive Elden Ring build and their amazing video editing skills.

According to OnlyWaifu, the Ashes of the Seppuku War are perhaps the most important element of their character as it causes massive blood loss. Seppuku is one of the most famous skills in Elden Ring, which involves stabbing yourself in the stomach to stain the weapon with blood, increase attack power and bleeding damage.

Elden Ring has already been released for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.


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