Elden Ring Player Defeats Darriwil Using Top-Notch Ring Fit


Elden Ring: From Software’s souls-like games have a lot in common. One of them is the fact that there will always be someone using unusual controls to beat their bosses and advance in the game. So, as you’d expect, we already have the first person doing this – using a Ring Fit Adventure controller, in this case, to play Elden Ring.

In the video above we can see @SuperLouis_64 literally breaking a sweat to defeat Darriwil, one of the most slippery bosses you can find at the beginning of the game.

And if you’re already jealous of seeing a person defeat a boss that gives him difficulties using absurd control, it’s also worth mentioning that he defeated the hound in his first attempt with Ring Fit.

In another tweet, the content creator explains how the mod to control Elden Ring with the Ring Fit ring works and shows in more detail what each command does.