Elden Ring Player calculates the strength of a Fire Giant to Shift


ELDEN RING SPOILERS Months after the release, Elden Ring players are still making discoveries. Sometimes it’s small details, like how Godfrey’s grace guide leads him to the player in his boss battle, while others dive very deep to discover certain elements.

Now one player has applied his mathematical abilities to the Fire Giant, one of the many powerful bosses in the Elden Ring. Players must fight this giant in two phases, where one of his usual attacks is that he brings down his shield on the players. It is easy enough to see how such an attack will completely destroy any ordinary person, except that the Tarnished One is not normal at all, and now this player knows how much mass, strength and strength are invested in these attacks.

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Redditor Nihlus11 calculated some figures and calculated that the mass of his shield is 606,521 kg or 1,334,945 pounds. Taking into account the bench press standards and the average body weight, an untrained person can lift about 135 pounds. This means that the Fire Giant from the Elden Ring is about 9888 times stronger than the average American man in terms of lifting and carrying.

I counted the fire giant from Eldenring a little.

The brute force invested in the attack further strengthens the Fire Giant’s strength. Based on the Giant’s attack patterns, Nihlus11 was able to calculate that the net force required to swing the shield is 8,659 tons. And although there are several variables that, according to Nailus11, make it impossible to accurately calculate, the impact force is 147,807 tons. The peak force is twice as large and amounts to 295,616 tons.

In other words, the overall strength of the Fire Giant is impossible to imagine, and this says something about how Marika, the Golden Order and Godfrey waged war against the Fire Giants. Indeed, the players face the last survivor to use the flames to burn the Erdtry and start the final part of the game.

Thus, it is very impressive that the final boss before the players face the literal gods in the Elden Ring is not the Fire Giant, but the one who defeated the Fire Giants. In a sense, the story comes full circle. Godfrey is banished to the Badlands as the first tarnished sometime after the war with the Fire Giants, and he returns after the latter was killed by the player. Of course, the player’s strength turns out to be greater than Godfrey’s, and nonphysically greater than the Fire Giant’s.

Elden Ring is already available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.