Elden Ring: Patch With The Addition Of PT-BR Texts Is Now Available


Elden Ring: Bandai Namco released, this Friday (18), the patch 1.03.1 of Elden Ring. The main novelty of the update is the addition of several lines of text in Brazilian Portuguese that were not previously present in the game.

The publisher released the patch just a day after promising to fix the title’s localization issues. The novelty is now available for free for consoles and PC, through Steam.

Players have already started to notice the differences and have posted the images on social media. The Mirror Helm of Nox was one of the Elden Ring gear that gained the most lines of description, as it previously only had a paragraph of text.

The issue with the game’s Brazilian Portuguese localization was noticed very close to launch. A few days after the title arrived in stores, dozens of images began to circulate on the internet, comparing the lack of texts, mainly in the description of items and spells, which ended up affecting the understanding of the lore.

While the original English descriptions contained 5 to 6 paragraphs, the PT-BR version even had a line telling about the origin of the equipment or spell.

So, have you tested patch 1.03.1? Did Elden Ring improve text localization? Leave your comment below!