Elden Ring May Have a Release Date Revealed Soon


Elden Ring: The network has been receiving information about Elden Ring for some time now, and at this point many must be curious to know when the game will be released. And, if information that is running through the network ends up materializing, the release date of the title will be revealed very soon.

In a Reddit thread, a user known as u / miyahedi21 shared an image that brings a photo of a car’s rear view mirror, and in it we can see the phrase “objects in the mirror are closer than they look”, and along with the phrase too we have the game logo.

It should be noted that the image in question had its origin in the Resetera forum and is from another user known as Omnipotent, who has credit with the community in general for being one of From Software’s biggest insiders, having even agreed on data from some of his predictions previous ones.

However, it is worth mentioning that so far From Software has not yet officially commented on the matter, so we should continue to treat this information as a rumor until we receive some kind of official announcement.


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