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How to find the message of the Manure Eater How to get to the outer moat in Elden Ring

The Outer Moat is an unofficial location in the Elden Ring, named only during part of the Dung Eater quest line. Historically, moats are medium-sized ponds that surround a building, usually a castle, to free it from the initial line of defense. As shown in the Elden Ring, the royal capital, Leindell, is surrounded by many small ponds.

After completing a couple of steps from the NPC quest line in the Elden Ring, the Manure Eater will leave a message inviting Tarnished to a place called the outer moat. If players are interested in completing the Dung Eater quest as well as exploring this area, then visiting this area is crucial.

Updated by Eric Petrovich on September 12, 2022: The invasion of manure eaters into the Outer Moat is an important part of the requirements for obtaining the ending “Elden Ring of the Manure Eater”. In fact, this area is really only used for this purpose, since the message that the Manure Eater leaves is the only time it is mentioned — the quest line of the Black Guardian Boggart is also abruptly cut off here by his hand. In order for this message to be displayed in the first place, players must fulfill several requirements for the Dung Eater quest chain. Only then does he beckon the player to the place of the Outer Moat, which the Elden Ring relatively hides from the players.

How to find the message of the manure eater

To receive a message beckoning the player to the Outer Moat, players must complete a chain of Manure Eater tasks in the Elden Ring. After the release of the physical body of the Manure Eater from his cell under the Leindell, a sign will appear where he once sat in the Fortress of the Round Table (the room immediately behind the Shell of the Twin Virgin). The Manure Eater first appears in this room after reaching the Altus Plateau. Having exhausted the dialogue with the Manure Eater, players must receive the Curse of the Seedbed in order to move on to the next part of the quest chain.

They can be found in several places, but the easiest way to find them is in an alternative version of the Round Table in Leindell. By giving it to him, he will reward you with the Sewer-Gaol key. In order for a message to appear about the Manure Eater’s external moat, he must be released from this prison. Head to the Underground Avoiding Lands and jump down into the hole in the pipes to the left of the main place of grace.

Go through the pipe, killing rats and Miranda flowers to find his camera. Open it, exhaust its dialog, then return to the hold of the Round Table to find its shadow replaced by a message. If you are trying to complete the Blackguard Big Boggart’s Quest, talk to him in the Outer Moat, buy as many boiled shrimp and crabs as possible, and then reload the area to find him killed.

How to get to the outer moat in Elden Ring

The Outer Moat can be found southeast of the battleground for the Outer Wall on the outskirts of the capital, in part of the Altus Plateau, near Leindell. To get to it, go to the battleground for the Outer Wall and go east to the broken staircase. Continue east past the tombstones and skeletons until you reach two paths: one leads east, the other leads southeast.

Follow the southeastern road from this fork to reach the outer moat at Elden Ring. Continue moving through the trees, going down the slope to find a shallow pond filled with small crabs, from which decent Elden Ring crafting materials will fall out. This is the outer moat that Elden Ring describes to the players in the message of the Manure Eater. A Manure Eater will invade the Outer Moat — you can try to invade as many times as you want, but he must be defeated to gain access to the end of his long quest chain.

Elden Ring is already available for PC, PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series X|S.


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