Elden Ring: Leaked Clip Shows a Macabre New Scenario [rumor]


Elden Ring: This past weekend, a clip leaked on 4Chan suggested the existence of an unprecedented map in Elden Ring, which is likely to live up to the dark and mysterious atmosphere of FromSoftware titles.

The short video of just seven seconds shows a scenario similar to crypts or catacombs, in which rows of statues (alive?) With swords are positioned in a kind of Polish corridor. The images are slowly presented as a CGI for displaying maps – a very traditional artifice in Eastern RPGs – and take players to quickly explore a place filled with tombs and hostility, similar to a boss area.

The clip ends with a more vertical display of a lighted area, acclimated by a circular tower with several floors, with clearly worn columns and vegetation scattered through the recesses. Check out the video below.

So far, nothing has been confirmed about the video’s provenance, and due to its own caption declaring a term of confidentiality and restricted use for internal display, probably its fuller details – and clearest – should be revealed in the near future.

What did you think of the video? Will this be one of Elden Ring’s open world scenarios? Leave your opinion in the comments.


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