Elden Ring Invader helps the player skip fragments of the game


In Elden Ring there are options for both cooperative play and PvP. Players can team up to destroy bosses or difficult dungeons, and can also fight each other for runes or simply invade the player and ruin his day. By a strange coincidence, two players have found a way to combine both parts of the multiplayer game Elden Ring to skip giant chunks of the game.

Elden Ring uses an unorthodox approach to a multi-user system. Players must use consumables in the Elden Ring to access multiplayer features. Despite the fact that many players disagree with the accessibility of the multiplayer game Elden Ring, it still allows you to get some of the most memorable events in the game, such as an invasion, a duel, and then the loss of thousands of runes, preventing a level increase and then seeking revenge on the invader. But instead of a duel where the invader invades the player’s world, the Elden Ring player and the invader worked together to use the game’s animation locks to skip most of the game.

In a video posted on Reddit by user Mr_Pixelboy, players use a stun animation from a critical hit to survive a fall into an elevator shaft, which is usually inaccessible until the end of the game in Leindell, the Royal Capital. By invading PvP instead of cooperating, players can target each other, which makes it all possible. Using this trick, both players survive a fall into an elevator shaft and can now skip most of the game. This is just one of the many areas that can be missed when running at speed; Another discovered pass in Leindell allows players to pass part of the sewer into the Elden Ring.

The area the players are in in the video is the Divine Bridge, which can be accessed by teleporting to the Stormveil Castle dungeon, the first major dungeon in the Elden Ring. Usually there is very little for the player to do at this stage of the game on the Divine Bridge, but using this trick, the player can move from the first main dungeon to one of the last in the game. capital.

Elden Ring players have been busy since the game’s release. The huge scope and size of the game, as well as a great sense of exploration, allowed players to come up with all sorts of strategies, difficult races and crashes that miss segments of the game. While this player invaded and was set to duel with the player, they worked together to find a new way to access and explore the Intermediate Lands. The Elden Ring community continues to work together to find unique ways to experience the game even months after its release.

Elden Ring is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Series X/S.


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