Elden Ring Invader Demonstrates a Smart and Easy Way to Kill Players in PvP


Elden Ring allows users to participate in both competitive and cooperative multiplayer mode. It works similarly to previous FromSoftware games and probably contributes to their durability. Some gamers still play various Souls online games even years after the release, and it’s fair to expect the same from the Elden Ring community.

Since its release, Elden Ring players have used various clever tricks and strategies to kill the host. Their tactics don’t always work, but players often share videos of their memorable kills if they manage to implement the strategy perfectly. In one of these videos, the Elden Ring player easily kills hosts by disguising himself in a dungeon.

A Reddit user under the nickname LordTexugo shares a montage of his murders. They use the Mimic’s Veil item to disguise themselves as an object and wait for the owner to climb the nearest stairs. As soon as the host starts to rise, LordTexugo hits them from below, defeating them with a single attack. LordTexugo disguises himself as a statue in the first clip, but switches to a candle before the end of the video. The invader waves at his opponents after each kill, teasing them for not seeing through their disguise.

This is a weak spot that everyone tarnished by Eldenring has

Due to the narrow playing area and linear design, the catacombs of the Elden Ring are ideal for users to try out this strategy. For this video, LordTexugo chose the Catacombs of the Storm Leg, although it seems that this tactic is applicable next to any staircase. In addition, LordTexugo uses a weapon skill called Giant Hunt to strike upwards with such force. This skill seems to be key to effective tactics, and players can get it after defeating the boss of the Night Cavalry in the north of Liurnia.

The Mimic’s Veil is a popular Elden Ring PvP item, and players can find it in a chest in Stormveil Castle. It should be noted that the invaders see the compass marker for the host until they get closer to the target, but the hosts do not have the same functionality to get a general idea of the location of the invader.

While some Elden Ring players have used ladders to troll others, this video shows their usefulness in PvP. The comments on this post are mostly filled with links to the Elden Ring joke, which has become popular thanks to the in-game message system. Several players also shared their surprise that the presenter did not notice the statue of a demon, accidentally located next to the stairs in the first clip. On the other hand, disguising as a candle seems more appropriate, although there is always a risk that enemies will roll into them.

Elden Ring has already been released for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.