Elden Ring: how to get more spell slots


Spell slots are now called memory slots in Elden Ring. Memory cells are characteristics that determine how many spells a Tarnished One can use. Previously, in old Souls games, raising the level of a certain indicator increased the number of spell slots a character could have. However, now in Elden Ring, spell slots can only be increased by obtaining items called memory stones.

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Elden Ring relies heavily on its magical side, where some abilities are somewhat suppressed. Thus, having more memory slots in the Elden Ring helps players overcome many dangerous scenarios. Therefore, it is important for Tarnished Ones to be prepared when it comes to using the right amount of spells during combat.

Updated by Nahda Nabiila on July 23, 2022: According to Elden Ring, Memory Stones are black shiny stones that were once very precious to the sorcerers who created them. They say that the stones resemble fragments of the black moon that illuminated the Eternal City. Memory Stones are crucial for many players, especially those who use Magic or Spells, as they increase their spell slots in the Elden Ring. Since some spells require more than one slot, it is important to collect all available Memory Stones to be ready for any battle while exploring the Intermediate Lands.

How to get memory slots in Elden Ring

To get memory cells in the Elden Ring, players must find memory stones. Once these gems are obtained, they will immediately increase the spell slots for the current character (without having to do anything). Getting more memory slots allows players to perform various witchcraft and spells. This can be useful in difficult situations where a certain spell can save the day.

To assign Witchcraft and Spells, players must rest in a Place of Lost Grace. From there, scroll down and click “Memorize Spells”. This page contains all the spells that the Tarnished Ones have learned and that can be equipped to use. Players should keep in mind that staffs are used to cast spells of witchcraft, while Sacred Seals can cast spells of spells.

How to get Memory Stones in Elden Ring

Memory Stones can be obtained from chests by defeating bosses or bought from NPCs. Since this item is important, it is not surprising that Memory Stones are difficult to obtain. Players must thoroughly search all Intermediate Lands. However, some of them can still be obtained at the beginning of the game, for example, the Memory Stone located inside the Fortress of the Round Table. Players can access this area once they get to Margit, the boss battle of The Fell Omen. It cost 3,000 runes, so be prepared.

While other Memory Stones in Elden Ring are harder to find or require some kind of abilities to solve puzzles. Some of these Elden Ring locations can be visited to easily get Memory Stones:

Location of the area How to get a Memory Stone Round Table Chambers of the Twin Virgin Buy a Memory Stone from the Shells of the Twin Virgin for 3000 runes. Limgrave Weeping Peninsula, Oridy’s Rise To enter Oridy’s Rise, players need to find three wise beasts. These beasts are represented by three ghost turtles that need to be hit to enter the tower. The first one can be found opposite the entrance to the tower. The second one is hiding in the bushes on the left side of the stairs. The third is invisible, it can be found to the southwest of the tower in the pond. Liurnia of the Lakes Western Liurnia, Transformed Tower There are two ways to enter the Transformed Tower: Climb the outer broken walls outside the tower, then use it to jump onto the roof and grab the Memory Stone. Take the second Glintstone Key from the Academy of Paradise Lucaria and give it to Tops to get a gesture of Erudition. After that, go back to the academy and collect his bell tower from his corpse, and then use the gesture in front of the statue inside the tower to make a ladder appear. Northern Liurnia, the Academy of the Paradise of Lucaria, the Stone of Memory can be obtained after defeating the Red Wolf of Radagon. Northern Liurnia, The Rise of the Test As in the Rise of Oridis, players need to look for three wise beasts, which means finding three ghost turtles. The first one is northeast of the tower, the second one is southeast of the first one, which is hiding at the top of the tree. The third turtle can be found to the southeast of the Rise of the Dough down the cliff. Three Sisters, Seulvis’s Rise There is a memory stone in the chest on the top floor of Seulvis’s Rise. The Altus Plateau, Mount Gelmir, the Hermit village, the Memory Stone can be obtained after defeating the demi-human queen Maggie. Caelid Dragonbarrow, Lenny’s Rise Use the Spiritual Spring found on the south side of Lenny’s Rise to jump onto the balcony, then go inside and open the chest to get the memory stone.

Of course, Elden Ring is a massive game, and Memory Stones can still be found in the Midlands. In any case, it will be fun to search and find everything that Elden Ring has to offer.

Elden Ring is already available for PC, PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series X|S.


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