Elden Ring: How Big Is The Game On PS5 And Xbox Series X / S?


Elden Ring: We already know how much space will have to be made on the hard drive for the From Software and George R. R. Martin game; a figure above the study average. From Elden Ring give us everything. Every second of gameplay, every technical detail and, ideally, an invitation to the closed beta. But in case the latter do not arrive, we better go with the first. The Xbox Store has announced how much the game will occupy on our storage discs and it will be 50 GB. We will need 50 GB free to enjoy the world designed by George R. R. Martin, both in the new generation (Xbox Series X / S) and in the previous one (Xbox One). And presumably it will be the same on PS5 and PS4.

Those 50 GB sound like a little in these times (the last Call of Duty exceeds 100 by a margin, for example), but nevertheless they are much more than usual if we look at the history of From Software. The studio’s previous work, Sekiro Shadows Die Twice, was only 12.58 GB. Nothing weird in any case. We repeat that it is still little and more if we talk about a title that supports high resolution textures and offers an experience with 4K, 60 fps and ray-tracing.

A month full of news

The developer seems to be aware of how long the wait is for us until its launch (scheduled for February 22, 2022), so it has been benevolent and in recent weeks has shared with us a good number of details about the game . In addition to a spectacular new gameplay, From Software has announced the different collector’s editions of Elden Ring, among which one stands out that amounts to 259.99 euros and offers a 1: 1 scale replica of the Malenia helmet. But that’s not all, the immediacy of the private beta has led the studio to also share some of the game’s classes and the graphic configuration of the title, with various graphic modes. A snack compared to the amount of impressions and opinions that will rain down on us these days from the lucky ones who try the demo. And why fool ourselves, we will read every point of them. We really want to visit the Midlands.