Elden Ring Has Spoilers Leaked Onto The Internet By Data Mining


Elden Ring: One of the reasons producers often cite for not running demos and gameplay tests on the PC is that more knowledgeable and curious folks can use data mining to discover information ahead of time. And that’s exactly what happened with Elden Ring, even though it did its closed test only on consoles.

Apparently the PS4 unlocking was used for hackers to be able to exploit the “secret” files from the Elden Ring trial period. And mining has brought many results, with character models, animation data, dialogue scripts and more than 3,000 speech files leaking across the internet.

Most of this information can be considered spoilers, so we won’t comment in detail on this post, but it’s important to know that this data now circulates on the internet. While the more hurried who don’t worry about finding things out sooner can enjoy the moment, the folks who prefer the secret to be kept will have to keep extra attention to avoid spoilers from now on.

Elden Ring is From Software’s next soulslike, which in itself is a guarantee of hype. But the game’s story was made in partnership with George R. R. Martin, none other than the author of the acclaimed Game of Thrones book series. Currently, anticipation for the game is such that it won, again, next year’s most anticipated game award at The Game Awards.