Elden Ring Has A Hidden Underwear Item


Elden Ring: FromSoftware continues to surprise with its most recent title, Elden Ring, although this time it’s in a somewhat unusual way. Fans have discovered in the game’s codes a piece of underwear that can be equipped, but cannot be obtained through legitimate means.

The “armor” in question is called Deathbed Smalls and it is actually part of a larger set along with the Deathbed Dress. Underwear, specifically, is used by NPC Fia (the one who gives the player a hug and ends up taking 5% of their maximum HP without any warning).

The curious thing is that the item is fully functional, as it has an icon, defined attributes and even a model when equipped. But it looks like wearing an NPC’s panties was going to be a bit much and FromSoftware decided to drop the item. You can see the result in the videos below (but BEWARE, because they can be considered NSFW).


If you are interested in trying out the item on your character, this is only possible in the PC version, using a program called the Cheat Engine (which can only be used with Elden Ring offline). When using the program, simply enter the item ID 1930300 in your inventory.

However, if this is the case, please understand that there is always a risk of being softbanned when reconnecting, when the game identifies the irregular equipment. This system has even been abused by an in-game hacker who injects an invalid item into the players’ inventory he invades.

Elden Ring is available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S PC. Check out Voxel’s review!