Elden Ring Has A Beginner’s Guide With Gameplay Tips


Elden Ring: Bandai NAMCO released, this Friday (25), a beginner’s guide to Elden Ring. In addition to explaining the mechanics of combat and interaction with the world of the Midlands, the production gives tips on how to survive longer in the game.

The video is narrated by VaatiVidya, a youtuber who specializes in the lore of Dark Souls and From Software’s other games. He points out fights first, explaining that it’s important to keep an eye out for the green stamina bar. It works like the character’s energy and is consumed with each hit, while running, when dodging, blocking and more.

According to him, it is essential that the player pay attention and memorize the movement and animation of enemies. “Over time, you’ll learn the best way to avoid some attacks and the best moments to be offensive”, he comments, adding that it’s important to learn to fight by mixing defense and rolls.

Although it seems new to those who have never played a Soulslike, this rhythm is natural for those who have played other games of the genre. What Elden Ring is new is the Guard Counter, for example. It is a kind of special attack that can be given after perfectly blocking an enemy charge.

The Guard Counter does good damage and can break Super Love, which is a protection from enemies that decreases when they take damage and depletes when it is broken, which allows the player to execute a critical hit.