Elden Ring Guide: Tips and Tricks for Explorers


Elden Ring: There are many things that you need to know before starting your game in Elden Ring. In this article you will find the best tricks, tips and strategies. As part of our complete guide to the Elden Ring, we’ve put together a list of tips, tricks, and recommendations that you should be aware of before embarking on your journey through the Midlands. It is a difficult game, but thanks to the following information you will lose your fear and you will be able to face any challenge that comes your way.

Elden Ring | Everything you need to know: tips and tricks

Activate all Graces: Even though they may not always be in your way, it’s important to interact with all the new Graces you come across. They work like the bonfires in Dark Souls and in them you can use fast travel, level up, modify ashes and speak with certain characters, among other actions. Also, almost every time you die you will respawn at the last one you touched.
Marika Statues: These figures are usually found in areas where a demanding fight or final boss encounter awaits. If you are close to one, when you die you can choose whether to be reborn in one of them or return to the previous Grace.
Find the map of each zone: When you first explore a region, if you open the map you will only see something similar to a brown cardboard. However, if you zoom in and look closely you will be able to locate a small drawing in the shape of a pillar. In them you will always find the complete map of the scenario in which you find yourself.
Don’t be afraid to die: unless you have a high number of runes on you, you should know that Elden Ring is more generous than other From Software games in this regard. For one thing, there are Graces everywhere and you usually won’t have to repeat a long walk. On the other hand, fast travel is immediate and you can return to any place in a matter of seconds.