Elden Ring Guide: New Game Plus; All You Need To Know


Elden Ring: When it comes time to start the second round, it is common to have doubts about what you keep and what you lose. We tell you all the details of the New Game Plus. Have you finished Elden Ring? Have you found all the secrets thanks to our guide? Then you will already be thinking of the New Game Plus, New Game + or second round, each one calls it in his own way. In this article we will tell you everything you need to know in order to embark on a new journey, in which you will probably want to unlock a different ending than the one you saw the first time.

New Game Plus in Elden Ring: how does it work?

It is important to know that the game never forces you to go to New Game Plus mode. Once you choose to watch an ending and finish watching the credits, an option will appear that allows you to skip to round two or stay in your current game. If you stay, at any time you can start the New Game Plus through the new Grace that has appeared on the Round Table (it is right on the table in the initial room).

What items and progress carry over to New Game Plus?

Before I offer you a breakdown with the things that you can keep and those that are lost, you should know that Elden Ring has an important novelty with respect to other games: all the maps that you have collected, as well as all the dungeons, cities and places that you discover. they remain marked on the map from the first moment of the second round. The only things that disappear are the Graces you activated.

Everything you keep in the second round

Character level and stats
Full world map and locations
weapons and armor
Spells and enchantments learned
ashes of war
Summoning Ashes
Memories of defeated bosses
Crafting and Forging Items
consumable items
learned recipes
Vial of M├ędika Milagrosa and its formulas
golden seeds
Upgrades applied to weapons and shields
Health and CP vial upgrades
Everything you don’t keep
Story development; everything starts from scratch
Key objects like keys and the like
NPC Quest Progress
Thanks activated (fast travel)

Most important changes

The main new thing that you will see in the second round (and later) is the increase in difficulty and rewards. The enemies and bosses will be tougher, although in the first hours you will feel very strong with a high level and improved equipment. Of course, the number of runes you earn will also be higher. To give you an example, Margit will give you nothing more and nothing less than 60,000 runes; imagine how many you will get by defeating other more advanced bosses.