Elden Ring Guide: Mnemonic Slots, Memory Stones And Learning Spells


Elden Ring: We tell you everything you need to know if your wish is to become a powerful magician. For this you need to know how to learn more and more magic spells. If you play Elden Ring and intend to fight from a distance thanks to magic spells and enchantments, there are things you should know before changing your combat style. Mnemonic Slots, Memory Stones, and learning to memorize new spells and equip them are key items. In this part of our guide we tell you all the details.

Mnemonic slots: what are they?

A Mnemonic Slot is basically a space where you can learn a new spell. In Elden Ring you don’t increase slots as you level up, instead you need to find a series of items called Memory Stones. Each time you find one, you will increase the number of spells or enchantments you can have equipped by one.

Memory Stones: where can they be found?

The Memory Stones look like a blue pendant and it is an item that you always find in Wizard Towers. They all have the same icon design on the map and some are even named after the wizard who once ruled them. Like for example the Tower of Renna or the Tower of Selivus. Some towers are open, but others are closed with a magical seal that you must clear by completing a small puzzle. A very common one is the one that says “find three intelligent creatures”, and three ghostly turtles automatically appear around the tower.