Elden Ring Guide: How To Unlock Fia’s Ending


Elden Ring: We help you unlock one of the most hidden endings of Elden Ring. You must undertake a journey through secret areas and unpublished enemies. We continue with our complete Elden Ring guide, and in this article we will help you achieve Fia’s ending, one of the most elaborate and difficult to obtain, due to the number of secrets surrounding the steps you must follow. We guide you step by step so you don’t get lost.

How to unlock Fia’s ending

NOTE: In order to access this ending you need the Cursed Seal of Death, that object that appears to be half a centipede. You get it as part of Ranni’s quest. In this link you have all the information and a step-by-step route to obtain it.
Do you remember the room with the Grace next to the mysterious red door that you had to open to unlock the Final Lord of Frenzy Flame? Well, since this door doesn’t interest you this time, you’re going to go through a hidden path: in this room there is a false wall that opens a passageway to a chest, and behind it, another false wall. Now yes: you have reached a new area and it will be the last in order to unlock this ending.

In search of Fortisaxx

In this underground area you can go on horseback, but first activate Grace. You must go down the giant roots until you reach the forest in the following image. Be careful not to fall and with the giant ants. We recommend doing it on horseback, so you have the double jump as a resource in case the rush to flee from the ants plays tricks on you.