Elden Ring Guide: How To Defeat Dragon Lord Placidusax


Elden Ring: We help you find the place where you face the Dragon Lord Placidusax, a fearsome enemy. Kill him with the best tips and strategies. If you’ve made it this far, it’s because you want to take on every boss in the Elden Ring. And this one is very special: he is the Dragon Lord Placidusax, the most powerful dragon in the game and one of the most challenging bosses. Also, finding it is not exactly easy. In this piece of the complete game guide we tell you how to find it and of course how to defeat it, because you will get 300,000 runes!

Where is the Dragon Lord Placidusax?

He is found in Farum Azula, the Ruined City. And although you have already passed near him, it is very likely that you have not discovered his hiding place. Do you remember the Grace that was by the bridge that leads you to the fight against Maliketh, the Black Blade? Then you fast travel to appear in it, turn around and go down the elevator. Now turn right, go down the stairs (watch out for the wolves) and go outside, walk straight to the cliff and look down. Surprise! You can drop down the gorge and reach that ruined structure floating in the air. Put yourself in the center, interact and enjoy the scene. Don’t worry, you’ll appear in front of Placidusax, but the fight won’t start until you get close to him. In the following image you can find the exact place.

How to defeat Dragon Lord Placidusax

We are not going to deceive you, he is one of the most difficult bosses in the game. So let’s start with the basics: leave it for the final stretch, or at least until your level is 100 or more. The impressive two-headed dragon has a massive amount of health, and while it’s easy to memorize his moves, the damage his attacks deal is so high it’s scary.

Placidusax behaves in a similar way to that of any other dragon, with one difference: this one is capable of becoming invisible at any time and appearing in another place with the intention of attacking you in a very violent way. So as soon as you see him disappear, he gently turns the camera looking for some magical effect to identify the place where he is about to appear. At that point, focus on rolling towards him just as he lunges for you. If you overcome this blow, you have everything in your face to win.

Except for the movement that we have explained above, the rest of the enemy’s attacks should not worry you. If he creates lightning bolts that appear on the ground, move away from the area and wait for them to finish falling. For the rest, you can block his claw swipes, tail swipes, and head slams like any other dragon and hit him right after.