Elden Ring Guide: Forge of Giants, How To Find And Kill The Fire Giant


Elden Ring: We continue with the journey step by step. The time has come to look for the Forge of the Giants, where we will face the fearsome Fire Giant Right after we finished off Morgott, King of Omens in Leyndell, Melina gave us Rold’s Medallion. This object works as a key to access the snowy region and search for the Forge of the Giants, a key place for the development of history. The path is somewhat confusing, but in this part of our complete guide we guide you so that you have no problem reaching the Fire Giant’s hideout. We also tell you the best tricks to defeat him.

Heading to the Forbidden Land

The path you must take is on the East Wall of Leyndell, where you will see an elevator. There are two possible exits; take the one on the left and follow the linear path until you reach the Great Rold Elevator. Here you can use the medallion to head towards the Peaks of the Giants, a new area where first things first: activate the Grace and just ahead pick up the map on a pillar.

Ahead you will see some ruins that you have to cross and then turn right and find a grotto through the mountains. See that giant bridge that looks like it’s about to collapse? Well, you must cross it carefully, because at the bottom there is a giant archer who can easily kill you with his arrows. We recommend you move forward on foot and roll forward just when you see the arrow coming.

A few meters further on you will be able to activate a Grace and continue in a straight line until you see a frozen river; walk on it to the right and look for a small hill that goes up to another Grace. Next to you is a huge frozen lake that will soon begin to be consumed by a dense fog. Be very careful because a dangerous ice dragon will appear that you are not interested in fighting now. In order not to end up disoriented, always stick to the right side of the mountain and run around the lake until you can climb a ramp.

Look around you and locate a stream that is used to make a huge jump with the horse. Once up, contemplate the castle in front of you. The surroundings are full of enemies, so you decide if you stay to fight or continue advancing. In any case, your target is the bridge (or chain) to the left of the castle next to a Grace. You will be at Flame Peak.