Elden Ring Gets First Major Update; New Quests, NPCs and More


Elden Ring: In the same week that it was announced that Elden Ring reached an impressive 12 million copies sold, FromSoftware’s game received its first major post-launch update and is now at version 1.03.

In addition to the expected bug fixes, the patch brings a number of new features:

A function to record an NPC’s icon and name on the map when you meet him/her
A new NPC (Jar-Bairn)
New stages for the quests of the following NPCs: Diallos, Nepheli Loux, Kenneth Haight and Gatekeeper Gostoc
Some NPCs that can be summoned in multiple situations.
Increased number of objects the player can mimic using Mimic’s Veil
Night music for some open world areas

A number of changes related to game balance were also made. Some of the highlights in this area are:

Certain enemies will drop Smithing Stones more often
Smithing Stones were added to some of the early game merchants
Shields are now more effective
Mimic Tear Ash spirit damage decreased and behavior pattern changed

Most of the rest of the tweak list concerns specific items and abilities, ending with a vague “other changes to enemy and weapon balance.”

For the full patch notes (in English), click here. On PS5, the patch requires just over 1.4GB of free space.