Elden Ring: George R.R. Martin Finished His Job Years Ago


When Elden Ring was announced, one of the elements that caught the most attention was the involvement of writer George R.R. Martin, responsible for the series The Chronicles of Ice and Fire. Although his creative involvement is a big part of the project, new information reveals that his work there was already over years ago!

In an interview with the WTTW channel, the writer himself was asked about Elden Ring and how he differed from working with literature. “It’s quite different,” mused Martin. “My work there was done years ago, for example, so games are like movies in the sense that they take a long time to develop.”

“From Software asked me to create a world for their adventure to be situated, and that this setting would be very focused on fantasy and science fiction. Besides the characters and plot, the atmosphere and environment are almost as important as the rest, so I worked in a very rich context for them, who used it as a starting point.”

β€œIt’s been many years since I last spoke to From Software, but they used to periodically visit me to show me some of the monsters they had created or the latest special effects. as excited as you are to see the final product.”

We’ll be able to see the result of this partnership on January 21, 2022, when Elden Ring will arrive on PC, PlayStation 5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One. Until then, let us know in the comments how your hype about him is going !


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