Elden Ring Gains Gigantic Summons Thanks to A New Mod


Elden Ring: A modder is having a blast with Elden Ring, the latest soulslike from FromSoftware and a darling of audiences and critics alike. Like all self-respecting souls, the game features that good old-fashioned combat system based on dodging and counterattacks, but it also offers players the possibility to get a little extra help with summons.

In the game, it is possible to summon allied creatures to help during the most difficult battles using the Wraith Summoner Bell and call the Ashes of Spirits. But what if, when summoning one of your allies, another creature entirely different (and not necessarily “friend”) came in its place? And that’s where modder King Bore Haha comes in.

His new mod, which has been shown in short clips on YouTube and Twitter, changes the spirits available for summoning, as you can see below:

According to the modder, the modification itself is not difficult to do. The tricky part, he says, is figuring out exactly which codes to change to swap one creature for another. To Kotaku, he explained that each monster has a specific parameter and this data was recorded by FromSoftware internally in the game’s code using an Excel spreadsheet (yes, you didn’t read that wrong).

King Bore Haha pointed out that the work of modifying the game has been simplified thanks to some tools made available by third parties, leaving him only the task of changing some codes. In this way, he was able to exchange the game’s regular summons for walking tombs and incredibly destructive chariots.

It is worth noting that the invocations demonstrated by him are just “proofs of concept”, tests carried out by the modder to see how some of his ideas can be used in the game. Unfortunately, it is not possible to replicate the invocations displayed by the modder without installing the mod — which is not available for download.