Elden Ring Exploits That Should Never Have Been Fixed

Exploits and crashes are the backbone of FromSoftware games, which are used in everything from speed runs to PvP, and Elden Ring is no exception. Since the game’s release, the community has shared dozens of rune farming methods, boss passes, and damage-causing feats. Each patch fixes at least a few of these tricks, but players will always find more, and a massive game like Elden Ring will never be completely airtight. Most of the exploits were removed for some reason, but some of them were just harmless features that added unorthodox fun to Elden Ring, a game known for breaking conventions.
The most recent major patch was 1.05, which fixed a particularly debilitating issue in an online game that was corrupting save files. Hackers invaded players’ worlds and altered their save files, teleporting them off the map and causing them to repeatedly fall to their deaths. This is a prime example of a worthwhile fix, but there have also been a few “improvements” that may never have been necessary.
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The exploit, the absence of which is perhaps the most heartbreaking, must be the original “zip” glitch, a trick that speedrunners use to teleport slingshot-style across the map. This was removed back in patch 1.03, and is notoriously difficult to accomplish; only PC players with a powerful computer can handle it, and it basically requires a perfect motion frame. Once the player succeeds, he often has to make dozens of attempts to land in the exact spot on the huge map of Elden Ring Lands Between due to factors such as equipment weight and starting height. This glitch, admittedly, somewhat “breaks the game”, but it is also quite harmless, since it has no practical application other than high—speed passing, and it can be argued that high-speed passing is just a unique way to enjoy the game outside of its intended use.
The Elden Ring “Zip” glitch Never Needed Fixing
The complexity of the zip problem lies in the fact that it is (sort of) not completely fixed. He was gone for a while, which prompted the speedrunners to stick with patch 1.02, but soon the community found new ways to teleport through the Intermediate Lands. There was a new zipper glitch (or players found a new way to perform the original), followed by a “Wrong Warp” glitch and a “Pegasus” glitch, both of which are just similar ways to bypass the movement restrictions and skip some of the Elden Ring. lots of bosses. Both were affected by patch 1.04, but the “Wrong Warp” persisted under different conditions, resulting in Seeker TV accelerating in less than six minutes. The Elden Ring speedrunner community has cooled off after patch 1.04, but speedrunners will always find a way to skip important areas, so as long as invaders can’t use these exploits maliciously, there doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with giving players that opportunity. After all, high-speed runs have categories that specifically take into account such failures.
It’s unclear if lightning and other teleportation tricks can still be used in patch 1.05. What is confirmed is that 1.05 got rid of the “chain spell”, which allowed players to cast spells in quick succession, combining fast spells with slow ones, which seriously lowered the Elden Ring witchcraft system filled with knowledge. This change caused some controversy, as many magic users considered the “chain spell” not so much a cheap trick, as a necessary strategy to make mage builds viable in PvP. Despite this, FromSoftware could have taken less drastic measures to mitigate the problem without drastically weakening the magic. Elden Ring went to the same extreme measures when they fixed the unlockable crash of Ice Spear Ash of War, abandoning high-priority PvP balance adjustments to weaken a spell that was never particularly strong anyway.