Elden Ring Expected To Weigh 45GB On PS5, Preloaded On February 23


Elden Ring, the most anticipated game of 2022 according to the TGA, will take up almost 45 GB of storage on your PS5, according to the PlayStation Game Size Twitter account. The tweet also reveals that the game will be downloadable two days before release:

According to published information, the download size of Elden Ring on PS5 is 44,472 GB. This occupied space doesn’t take into account the first day patch, something that basically every game has these days. So, if your storage is full, it’s important to free up extra space beyond 45GB if you plan to download Elden Ring.

The tweet also shows that pre-loading starts on February 23, while the game will be released on February 25. Players will then have two days to download the game and be able to start playing within the first minute of launch. 48 hours should suffice even for slower connections in most cases.

The PlayStation Game Size account obtains its information through data mining, so these are not official disclosures. As good as the hit history is, it’s important to keep this in mind.

As of this post, the account has not yet revealed how much the game will occupy on PS4. Sony tends to talk a lot about PS5 technologies that allow better data compression, so it’s quite possible that the game will take up more space in the past generation.