Elden Ring Defies The Metrics: Record Numbers On Steam And Twitch At Its Premiere


Elden Ring: FromSoftware’s title signed a peak of 764,835 concurrent viewers at its premiere; which translates into the seventh best historical record. The expectation for Elden Ring is real. FromSoftware’s new video game, described as a masterpiece in this house and with one of the best Metacritic of all time, has swept its debut night. The title is on sale from midnight this Friday, February 25, which has resulted in an absolute prominence on both Steam, Valve’s platform where it is available on PC; as on Twitch, the main video game streaming portal.

764,835 viewers at its peak during its opening night

At about 02:00, peninsular time in Spain, Elden Ring registered a peak of 764,835 players connected to Steam, according to the SteamDB database. It goes without saying that it is the best record of a video game from the Japanese company FromSoftware, as we break down below; but perhaps the most remarkable thing is how this data compares with the rest of the video games available on the Valve platform.

This same database allows us to see that Elden Ring, with a data likely to improve even more during the imminent weekend, has signed the seventh highest historical peak on Steam; behind only PUBG, Lost Ark, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2, Cyberpunk 2077 and New World, respectively.

Since its premiere this past morning and at the time of writing this article, the dizzying figures of Lost Ark, the Amazon Games MMORPG, no longer seem so; although the title developed by Smilegate was the one that experienced the highest peak of players in the last 24 hours.