Elden Ring: Dataminer Reveals Faces Of Masked Characters


Elden Ring: In a world as big as Elden Ring, players will encounter all sorts of characters, including many masked ones. But for those who were curious and would like to know what the faces of these NPCs look like, this is now possible.

On her YouTube channel, dataminer Zullie the Witch, famous mainly for her Dark Souls videos and discoveries, unmasked several characters from the Midlands and finally revealed what her faces look like.

The curious and impressive thing is that, although the player never sees the face of these characters legitimately in the game, FromSoftware took the trouble to create a unique model for each of them.

Varre, for example, has a mark on his forehead, which can also be seen on several invading NPCs — something that has everything to do with his story and the quest he gives. Yura, on the other hand, has full and messy hair, quite consistent with her personality and activity.

Check it out (but beware of minor spoilers, as some characters only appear in later stages of the campaign):

A second video does the same for hostile characters, most of which are invading enemies that we rarely get a chance to see in detail. Watch: