Elden Ring Colosseum: Everything fans have learned about these arenas


The Elden Ring is full of mysteries, from character-related ones like Melina’s identity to lore-related ones like who was the dragon god. There are even more mysteries when it comes to the Intermediate Lands and their various locations. For example, two moons at the Altar of Moonlight, Godwin’s corpse under Stormvale Castle and a sample of the six towers of the game. Then, of course, there is the mystery of the Elden Ring Colosseums.

There are three Colosseums that fans have found in the Lands Between. They are in Limgrave, Laindell and Calida. There is no natural way into these massive buildings, and there are many theories as to why they exist. Some believe that the Colosseum is the remains of cut—out content, while others believe that something more is going on.

Limgrave Coliseum

The Colosseum in Limgrave is located north of the Warrior’s Hut. An NPC leans against the building, a frustrated spirit who says, “All I wanted was to fight. Fight like a warrior, to the last. So why? Why, under the guidance of grace, will this door not open?” Like the spirits, the tarnished themselves cannot enter the building. Nothing changes the dialogue of the spirit.

With the help of the data, some players managed to explore the inside of this particular Colosseum. For a place that is inaccessible, the Elden Ring has details inside the Limgrave Colosseum of rows of places where people can watch the center of the battle. At the same time, it is not as detailed as the outside, so it is incomplete. Outside this Colosseum, players are invaded by an NPC named Recusant Renricus. Also in this Colosseum, players are tasked with killing the Old Knight Istvan for the Volcano Manor quest line.

Leindell Coliseum

The Leindell Coliseum is the largest of the three, which makes some sense, since it is located in the capital and not far from Airdtree. The dataminers got inside to see another detailed but unused area with lit torches, rooms with weapons and halls leading to the arena. Upon entering, the dataminers discovered that there was a real Grace Site inside. Part of the arena is a semicircle, from which a view of the Intermediate Lands opens. Weapons are scattered in the arena, and there are two hostile enemies who are fighting with the Tarnished and with each other. In the game files, the names of these enemies are “Big Gladiator” and “Old Lion of the Arena”.

Next to this Colosseum, players can find a Ritual Shield Talisman, the description of which seems to be related to the Colosseum itself. It states that the talisman is “modeled after shields used in ritual battles in honor of the Erdtri,” and that this practice died out in the era of King Consort Radagon. This means that the Colosseum has not been used for a long time, since Radagon became Marika’s spouse.

Kalida Colosseum

Finally, there is the Calid Colosseum, special because of the giant Large jug standing at the entrance. The Big Jug says nothing, but challenges the Tarnished Ones. If they defeat the three Knights of the Great Jug without dying, they will receive the Talisman of the Arsenal of the Great Jug. When the dataminers entered this arena, it also had the shape of a semicircle, this time with a large view of the Erdtry.

After completing the quest, the Big Jug does not move and remains silent, as if he is determined to guard the entrance to the Colosseum. What’s special about his challenge is that the NPCs summoned scale depending on the player’s level and are randomly generated based on the real builds of the characters of other players who have already completed the quest. They also all need to be killed sequentially.

What the Colosseum showed

Between NPCs, invaders, and item descriptions, all colosseums point to either cut-out content or a future DLC or patch. From the point of view of knowledge, it seems that these colosseums may have been abandoned long before the destruction of the Old Ring, since they have not been used in ritual battles since the time of Radagon as a consort. It begs the question why Radagon’s position with Marika put an end to this tradition.

Between the Invaders, the Volcano Manor quest line, and the Great-Jar trial, a lot of evidence indicates that these colosseums may be related to PvP. However, there are several theories, the main one being that all three Colosseums may have different content ideas: one of Limgrave represents basic PvP, and Kalidsky confronts the player with non-player characters caused by other players’ builds, and then Leyndell may even be a place where the player can play again and again practice boss battles. After all, there won’t be three colosseums serving only one purpose in the game. Three are likely to be for different ideas.

Fans are sure that the Colosseum is an upcoming DLC or patch.


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