Elden Ring Clip — A Reminder of How Useful the Bloodhound Step Can Be


Elden Ring was released in February and conquered the gaming world. It broke several records, becoming the largest launch of FromSoftware on Steam, and is currently the best-selling game of the year. Moreover, Elden Ring receives huge critical acclaim for its plot and gameplay, and many consider it one of the best open-world games of all time.

The game is also known for its serious complexity, as it has hundreds of intimidating bosses, such as Maliket, Morgott, the King of Omens, the Leader Alecto Black Knife and many others. Newcomers to games like Souls often struggle with these bosses and spend countless hours trying to defeat them. At the same time, others use spells and skills in the Elden Ring to defeat their opponents.

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Skills can come in handy during boss battles and can be purchased for runes, the main game currency. The Bloodhound step is one of the most famous common skills in Elden Ring, which makes the player temporarily invisible when dodging at high speed. Reddit user DS3Enjoyer recently made a startling discovery related to Bloodhound’s Step, which can help players survive counter attacks. A user shared a video on a social network in which they are trying to evade an enemy using the aforementioned skill. However, the DS3Enjoyer has zero focus points, which stops the execution of the “Bloodhound Step” skill.

Even with 0 FP, you will still get frames when using Bloodhound’s Step. from Eldenring

Due to the lack of a minimum number of focus points, the user cannot perform the bloodhound step, but he still manages to get frames and evade counter attacks. For those who don’t know, iframes or invincibility frames are a term used by gamers to refer to situations where certain actions, such as jumping or rolling, make players invincible for a short time. FromSoftware games, including Elden Ring, are known for using iframe frames in gameplay. Naturally, colleagues in the Elden Ring community were amazed by this discovery and began to argue about the effectiveness of various ways to avoid attacks. Most Reddit users agreed that the full version of the Bloodhound Step is the most effective, followed by Quickstep and Evasion.

The developers of Elden Ring have added many more tiny details about skills and magic that can be useful during intense battles. Not so long ago, another Reddit user named AdranosGaming shared a video showing the effectiveness of a Darkness spell against certain enemies. Players can use the Darkness spell to create a black fog that affects the enemy’s visibility, allowing him to deal heavy damage with a stab in the back.

Elden Ring is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.


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