Elden Ring Breaks Coverage And Following Records In Its Opening Week


Elden Ring: FromSoftware’s video game fills not only players, but also the media with anticipation. Thus it surpasses other great releases. The impact of Elden Ring goes beyond the gaming community. The one that aims to become one of the most remembered and successful video games in the Japanese industry in recent years has also been the title with the highest following in its launch week in the last three years.

Elden Ring fills the websites of half the world with articles, news and content

An infographic analysis published by the ICO Partners agency, in collaboration with Footprints, reflects the extraordinary coverage that the new FromSoftware has received on the network of networks. The aforementioned tool has allowed ICO to identify a total of 7,323 items worldwide related to Elden Ring in its first full week; that is, in seven calendar days.

With an average of more than 1,000 articles per day, Elden Ring leaves behind the previously established podium, which had Horizon: Forbidden West in first place (4,559 articles in its first week); Resident Evil Village in second place (4,146 items); and Cyberpunk 2077 in third place (3,849 articles), very even with the also recent Halo Infinite (3,754 articles in its first week).

What can be the success of Elden Ring: an atypical conversation

If we stick to the basics, it is possible to determine this large number of Elden Ring articles published by their media power, but perhaps we would be losing sight of the common denominator of all the games mentioned above (Horizon, Resident Evill Village, Cyberpunk…), and it is that they are titles very borrowed to the writing of guides with advice, resolution of doubts, mysteries, etc.