Elden Ring and Hellblade 2 Should Not Be Presented at E3


Elden Ring: New information released on Tuesday (18) by insider Jeff Grubb indicates that Elden Ring and Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2 should not be presented on Xbox Showcase 2021 or E3, contradicting rumors published in recent months.

During the broadcast of the latest podcast The Game Mess Show, Jeff Grubb gave more details about some of the games most awaited by players, bringing not so good news to the community. According to the journalist, Elden Ring, from From Software, will not be selected for the Xbox Showcase line-ups, let alone E3. Hellblade 2, the sequel to Senua’s Sacrifice, must follow the same path.

Despite this report being considered just a rumor, since nothing official was released by the studios, many players were taken by surprise, mainly because we were only a few weeks away from the events. In addition, for months rumors have been heating fans’ anxiety by suggesting that Elden Ring would be revealed as early as mid-2021, but it looks like the ad could go down the drain.

Do you think Elden Ring and Hellblade 2 should appear only in 2022 or are there still hopes for this year? Leave your opinion in the comments.


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