Elden Ring Already Has Its First Patch To Fix Controls And Bugs


Elden Ring: As it has become customary in the world of games, Elden Ring will also have a patch for you to download on launch day. The update takes the game to version 1.02 and fixes stability issues, bugs and even makes improvements to the responsiveness of the controls.

Of course, From Software and Bandai Namco ask players to update before starting to play. It is possible that the game is not downloaded in its latest version, and there are still people who already have the game in the pre-load after the pre-order, so it is necessary to let the system do the automatic download or search for udpates manually to update after release.

The latest Elden Ring patch brings the following improvements, according to Bandai Namco:

Improved player controls
Soundtrack additions and tweaks
Text adjustments
balance adjustments
Fixes and tweaks to NPC events
Fixed frame drops in certain conditions
Fixed text bugs in some languages
Fixed a bug that prevented the Xbox Wireless Headset from working properly

Bandai Namco takes advantage of the patch notes to inform you that the implementation of ray tracing is still planned for after launch, but does not yet have a date when it will happen.

Elden Ring is just a day away from its release, making its official debut on February 25th.